Everlasting "war" between good and evil!

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Everlasting "war" between good and evil!

Postby don on Wed Feb 15, 2006 10:26 pm

I was talking with some mates about action movies, then horror stories came into play and suddenly this idea came into my mind: Think of an "one life mission based game" between vampires and splayers, with almost everylasting hunting! If a player gets killed, then he could get transformed to another "physical level". Vampires could see him in a special shape or kind of glowing etc, while all dead players would be undetectable for splayers. The dead players however would not be able to attack agile and alive characters (same other way around), but they would be able to spectate the action and could see all a bit blured or thru another sort of filter. If an opponent would die as well, then the whole war would get heated again. Both would be ghosting around the map and would fight each others. They could have different skills and after they died again, they could get on the next level. If you think about the movie "constantine", then you could get an impression about how the maps could look like and how they would reflect the originally one, but they would be darker and more obscurer. After about 5 levels they would finally reach hell to battle it out and to win the whole map. That gameplaymode would be a modification of a one life mission-based mode which would simply gets extended temporally (and which would be good manageable playersize-like). Special skills for both players: e.g. vampire forces, speed etc. or special futuristic weapons for slayers - could make the fights more varied. Weapons could also disappear more and more (from getting closer to hell or the final level) and slayers could get forces that would need to get fired as well - black magic ; while vampires only got melee attacks! The maps would change after each level from beeing dark to grotesque and beastly. Cool effect while leaving one "level" to another would be awesome as well (bending the location for a second, imploding - whatever). This may sound quite easy - the gameplay concept, but it would take a lot of work to make such crap, I guess. :?

To prevent strangers from ghosting via teamspeak and to communicate with different players from different levels - a sort of delay could get implemented. That way they could not tell others the current position of the enemy and such guys would not gain any advantages at all.
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Postby Ghostface on Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:37 pm

actually the idea is pretty cool and I was thinking about something similiar at one point, however right now too much work would be involved so the idea stays a possibility for a future update or a custom mod done by someone else.
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Postby Icarus on Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:51 pm

What if lets say we have 7 vs 7, and one team manages to beat the entire 2nd team with one casualty. Then the next level would be 1 vs 7, which means that there probably won't be a third level.
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Postby Witzzard on Tue Apr 18, 2006 5:20 pm

But wich team would have won? The one wich won the first round or the one wich won the second round?

Would be a funny tournament thing... Deathmatch like, all fighting against each other, and you would get up to [insert max player number] battles for the rankings ?...

Uhm yeah, wouldn't be funny for the winner of the first battles... I mean they wouldn't get to do anything?...
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