Parapraxis's plan (April 6th)2005

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Parapraxis's plan (April 6th)2005

Postby Parapraxis on Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:36 pm

I am finishing up the second sound collection that ghostface sent me a list of. i am done with all of them except for the rat sound fx . . . this sound effect is giving me problems.. as. in....... exactly.. what.. i should do.. to create .. the sound of a rat.. and especially the human to rat vice versa soundfx have me stumped.. my sister has rats.. but they dont make much noise other wise i would just record them. and too bad i am no longer with my ex girlfriend.. because she had snakes at one point and one of them ate rats.. and killing the rats would have been helpful haha.. because they always made a nice noise for us to hear as they spewed blood everywhere when we killed them against her dresser.. oh.. well.. but umm here ph yea. what the hell does rock sound like when it breaks because of a bullet.. i dont really see why this sound effect is needed.. rocks dont break by bullets.. the ricochet i have already done would be good for this.. but.. i still will try something because i guess i understand pieces of rock flying off on impact of a bullet.. so.. yea I am also working on guitar tracks currently too for the game.. but i still am awaiting my drummer friends arrival back to the USA

What I have done since March 7th.

bullet hit:
> metal ----- done -------------- hit metal on metal
> wood ----- done -------------- hit wood with wood
> soft/mud ----- done -------------- macaroni just not too squishy
> flesh ----- done -------------- thumping sound + macaroni

claw hit
> metal ----- done -------------- metal on metal scratching
> wood ----- done -------------- metal hitting/scratching wood
> soft/mud ----- done -------------- macaroni!!!
> flesh ----- done -------------- macaroni! hit it squeeze it etc

transform into
> bat ----- done -------------- vampsound to bat Flying to Batchirp (from a bat site)
> rat NEED TO DO ------------------------- vampsound to crawling

get back into humanform
from bat ----- done -------------- vampire to batfly/batchirp
from rat NEED TO DO ------------------------- crawling sound to vampsound

fly (as bat) ----- done -------------- Leather gloves flopping around
crawl as rat ----- done -------------- tap fingernails on desk

flashlight on/off ----- done -------------- realflashlight
lasersight on/off ----- done -------------- drumachine

tv noise (no image noise) ----- done -------------- record white noise

drop weapon ----- done -------------- altered noise

after shooting on a brush it breaks and produces this sounds:
> glass ----- done -------------- break glass
> wood ----- done -------------- break wood
> stone NEED TO DO ------------------------- drop some pebbles

For Azelito's map:
screams/ | -----done---------------- into mircrophone /alter
murmurs/ | -----done---------------- "same"
crying/ | -----done---------------- "same"
metal door banging/ | -----done---------------- record metal door
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