JMW's .plan *updated March 5th 2005

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JMW's .plan *updated March 5th 2005

Postby JMW on Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:10 pm

March 5th 2005
Not much of an update, but this is what I am currently doing with the map:

Restructuring one of the castles.
Adding details.
Working on decals.
Toying with env sounds.


Feb 15th 2005
The core mapping for nos_condemned is done.
Adding/refining the major playing areas.
Looking to get the map to a playable alpha level by this weekend.

Thought up an idea for a second map which I have yet to talk over with Ghostface. Map name is nos_crypt.

Will release my 'just for fun' audio track in the near future. Might just post a link to my website for the DL as I do not want to confuse anyone about my involvement in the audio department for NOS. Parapraxis is doing that.


Jan 21st 2005
-Completed the overview of the NOS map I am working on.
-Put together a texture schema for the town/castle setting of the map.
-Built about 60% of the core map. Detailed some of it.
-Still working with Ghostface on shaders in the editor.

-Not related to mapping but I drew a hot NOS babe that you can see here:

-Also not related to mapping but I am working on an audio track related to the horror theme of NOS. Doing this for fun as Parapraxis has the game audio under control. -His stuff is great.
I will post the track in the forums whenever it gets done.

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